Where to watch Free Indian movies

India produces the highest number of movies in the world. The range of language and genre is quite unparalleled in numbers. Though most of these movies are formulaic and filled dance and song numbers, the number of people who love Indian porn movies is increasing every year.

 Some big movies get worldwide releases and have budgets that can only be rivaled by the Hollywood. Indian movies come in a dozen different languages. Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Kannada and a few more languages that produce movies on a regular basis.

The Indian Diaspora has spread into every corner of the world, and Indian television stations have followed them around.

But TV is not the only way to watch Indian movies for free. There are many apps and websites that allow you to watch free porn movies. Here is a list of the easy ways to watch Indian movies.

Before you give the list, a word of caution. Always download apps from the official Google store and when you install and open them give permission to only valid services.

For example, a streaming site needs storage space, but there is no need to share your contacts with them. If an app asks for too many permissions, skip it.

  1. Vidmate

Vidmate is a good place to watch newly released movies. Typically, they show new movies within a day or two of their release. The UI is easy to use and the app streams Hindi and Tamil movies. You can filter movies based on genre, rating, year of release, etc.

  1. BeeMovie

BeeMovie is a great app to watch and download the latest in Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil and even Hollywood dubbed movies. The app is small and has a tiny footprint. Its reserve of Indian movies is growing regularly. Apart from movies, you can also watch TV shows in the app.

  1. SonyLiv

SonlyLiv is an app from Sony TV, a big player in the Indian TV scene. It has a huge collection of TV series, movies, sport and even music reality shows. It is an ad-free network and even offers a free trial run. The subscription fee is very low and you can watch an unlimited number of free movies.

  1. JioCienma

JioCienma is a new entrant in the market. It was launched as a part of India’s biggest Mobile network. It offers ad-free movies, TV shows and other programs. The app allows offline viewing and also supports Chromecast. It currently has movies and TV shows in 15 different Indian languages, making it the largest collection. But to access this feature, you need a Jio SIM card.

  1. Hotstar

Hotstar is another amazing place to watch Indian movies and TV shows. It streams movies in Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Marathi and few other Indian languages. Apart from movies, it has a big collection of TV channels and TV shows that are available in India. They have a free tier and a paid subscription program. It is available as a desktop website, app for Android and iOS.